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The King

Business Management Consultancy

  • Intellectual property program strategy and development including Copyrights, patenting, trade marks etc

  • Enterprise Development strategy & Strategic planning

  • Organizational expertise including finance, administration, legal, marketing, sales & operations

  • Initiating and establishing corporate partnership

  • Management audit, System Process, Business Plan preparation

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies

  • Establishing distribution channel

  • TQM audit

  • Energy audit

  • Project Management

  • Training and Development

  • Business process outsourcing in Human Resource

  • Organizing strategic alliances, joint ventures

  • Incubation of business from the idea/concept level to the stage of stage of start-ups. This includes culling ideas, translating it into a business plan, creating visibility of the project and designing a road map for the business model.

  • Assisting in Venture capital, Angel fund and Project Finance procurement through Infopace high net worth network.




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